Andros Frandszk Albinus Kowalczyk
Vital statistics
Position Polish representative
Age 13
Status Living
Physical attributes
Height 5'4"
Weight 121 lbs.

Andros Frandszk Albinus Kowalczyk (born 14 July 3000) is the Polish representative.


He was born in Stalowa Wola, Poland. His parents migrated there from Finland where they had Sakari Anttilas, his brother. He is a gaming commentator on YouTube with more than 8 million subscribers. He is revealed to have nine toes after Sakari shot him in the toe with a BB gun.

Running gagEdit

He has a running gag of never finding love. He notes this as he says, "I can't keep a date for more than 34 minutes". This gag was put to an end in the season two episode, "The One about Love", in which he shows an attraction to Robb's half-sister.

List of Albinus's known dates so farEdit

  1. Angelica Kwiatkowski


  • He can't stand Robb Wojciechowski, much like everyone else, but he thinks that the other representatives would think twice about picking on him if they saw his sister, just not him.
  • He is fluent in Filipino, Frisian, Irish, Moravian, Polish, Russian and can say a few words in Korean, Spanish, and Turkish.
  • He has traveled all over America and has visited Serbia, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, both Koreas, Norway, Sweden, Fiji and Canada.
  • He took English as his second language.
  • He is one of only three representatives to go by his middle name (the other two are Fred (Robb's successor) and Eolur).
  • He is Eolur's best friend and roommate.


  • (when asked about dating) Will you shut your half wit pie holes about my personal life? I have my damn dignity, so leave me the hell alone about it!